Monday, November 29, 2010

Images from the Bucktown Bazaar

More on this in the next (redesigned! easier to read and faster to load images!) Wicker Park Bucktown Pipeline, along with links to a few of these artists and how to find them postbazaar, but a fun time was had by all at the Bucktown Bazaar in the Holstein Park field house this past weekend.

We popped by on Sunday-- where there was a pleasant and steady crowd despite Da Bears game-- and ended up having a difficult time choosing a gift for a family member because there were so many cool tables and crafters. The perfect gift was found, but I'll have to keep it on the down-low since my mother claims to read The Pipeline.

Instead of featuring the gift I think my mom, a craft fair vendor herself, will like, I'll just keep things a surprise for once, and focus on the strangers I chatted up who had bags in their hands as they were leaving, prompting the question, "What's in the bag?"

There was also a Free Origami workshop, but I was too hyper and restless to sit down and learn how to fold paper into neat designs, which probably would've been therapeutic, but I did snap pictures of other people learning the ancient art of origami, taught by master educator Gerald Marciniak.


  1. Yaaaay great piccies, it was lovely to meet you at Bucktown Bazaar.

    : )

  2. Likewise, Lulu! My mom LOVED the penguin! :) I hope you and the stabbies sell out at future fairs