Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sounding OFF: 12-6

You thought your day started bad, well, wipe the sleep from your eyes, this sign means 12 feet, 6 inches, not seven or eight inches.

This is when an inch, one way or another, could kill you, or another person.

Maybe viaducts or underpasses should have larger, clearer signs, which are lit better, located a block before you get to the viaduct, like a billboard. When you get to the viaduct and see the sign tacked to it, you are already traveling 30-plus miles an hour, and it is too late, as was the case with this truck, pictured, that I saw this morning at the viaduct of Ashland and Cortland, Nov. 15, 2010, while en route to Pipeline HQ.

It seems to me that everywhere I go in Chicago, the height is different. Is there a DOT chart for truckers, which shows of all of the heights of all of the Chicago viaducts that they have to travel under?

Major addresses like the viaduct at Ashland and Cortland should not be death traps, because one truck driver is an inch or two off. Alderman, let's do something about this problem before someone loses a life, a limb, or loved one.

-Philin Phlash


  1. Crazy! A few weeks before this I saw a westbound truck stuck similarly under the RR overpass at North Av next to I90/94, by Nortown Auto Repair. Traffic here is bad enough, but the stuck truck REALLY mucked it up! Need MUCH better traffic management and street surfacing AND signage in the area. Maybe the road repairs between Home Depot and Elston will help; for now, there adding to the congestion, as well.

  2. Agreed! The signage is not only bad for stuck trucks, and motorists, but in some cases it can be the final straw to giving up on an already tough career- indie truck driver, or Owner Operator (OO). In today's (Dec 7--I REFUSE to make this a wednesday newsletter by hell or highwater) we will have a Part 3 What the Truck? Follow-up involving a stuck tomato truck