Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sounding OFF, Part 2: WHAT THE TRUCK?!

By Philin Phlash

Last week, I wrote of a problem at Ashland and Cortland, involving a stuck truck.

I blamed the driver for not reading the signs, when, in fact, after further research, I see that the signs are wrong, not the drivers.

This improper signage must be fixed. Misleading signs can cost lives. In this situation, first a sign states 12 ft. 10 inches, so the driver proceeds until he gets halfway under the bridge, and then yellow signs reads 12 ft. 6 inches.

This is true going south on Ashland. Going north there is no posted 12 ft. 6 inches sign at all! This is why that truck I wrote about last week got stuck.

Trucks should use Elston Ave. Do not use Ashland Ave. at Cortland, it could kill you, or crush your truck.

Who is in charge of the signs in the city? Whoever it is, fix it!

Now that I have your attention, the viaduct at Bloomingdale on Ashland has been flooding as long as I can remember, about 20 years. Yesterday's rainstorm flooded viaducts all over the city. I think it's time that we collect the rainwater in 50-gallon drums under the viaducts to prevent this from happening. We can use this valuable resource of rainwater for the city in many ways, i.e. watering gardens and making cement for new sidewalk.

If we don't have the power to stop the rain, let's at least collect it!

By Philin Phlash


  1. great plan, a couple drums will collect all that water. problem solved!

  2. Really? Just a couple drums? Maybe a few dozen. Or, are you being sarcastic?