Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aw, Jeez, Another Loss for Chicago

A citywide tribute to longtime WGN radio commentator and former third baseman Ron Santo, the voice of the Cubs through the radio waves, took place this past Friday outside of Wrigley Field.

Santo was with us even when he lost his legs, his voice coming through clear as we sat in our cars and listened to this man, a Golden Glover, a voice of hope for diabetics, for the people and fans and ball players who he made smile with his unfiltered enthusiasm and frustrations couched in Aw, Jeezes. And now he is gone, and we are left here to carry on without Ron Santo, number 10, who brought the Cubs into our hearts, whose memory will encircle the field which he'd always declared his true Hall of Fame. The funeral procession which I snapped with tears in my eyes was attended by thousands of fans like myself, whose first introduction to the Cubs came by way of Ron Santo's voice, rooting his favorite team on.

He circled his earthly Hall of Fame one final time on Friday before departing to Heaven, the Eternal Hall of Fame.
R.I.P., Ron Santo, you were the best.

Words and Images By Philin Phlash

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