Thursday, December 9, 2010

NYC Takeover Tonight at Congress

The NYC Takeover, featuring stand-up comics Jon Fisch, Ted Alexandro, and Todd Barry, takes place tonight at Congress Theatre, 2135 N. Milw.

If you'd like free tickets, email with your first and last name, with a subject header of "comedy congress," or call 773-276-1235.

Pick up your tickets at Will-Call. Doors open at 6:30PM.

Many thanks also to Congress Theater for being an advertiser and sponsor of the Random Tidbits ETC. In this week's issue, Dec. 7, we featured Tidbits from at least a few local shops, art galleries, and an independent press, as well as linked to over 50 local businesses, including our blogroll. If you like The Pipeline, please consider coming to this comedy show, one) because it's free if you RSVP and will be funny! and two) because when you support our advertisers, they usually continue to support the pipeline too.

All four of the regular staffers who contribute to the Pipeline get paid for their efforts. We don't believe that the future should be 'Everything is Free' and throwing out a tip jar, or waiting until we get 1,000 page views so that the four of us can split $10.

Most bloggers are paid in page views, yet on a 'hyper local level' with just a few thousand readers, if we went about it the 'traditional' way, we'd be getting paid about $30 per week, based on 3,000 views, for about 60 hours of collective work. Section sponsors enable us to partner with indie businesses who are also community-minded, and they pay to promote their offerings, as well as to make the rest of the time invested into producing each issue more like $3 an hour vs. $0.50/hr.

Either way you spin it, we're pretty insane for keeping this thing up for the past 85 or so weeks, and tonight, we're just looking forward to laughing and forgetting that the pipeline exists. Join us!!

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