Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Timely Sales of Note

Well, there's more (always more!) than three sales of note this weekend, but... I want to get back to respite and the $0.79 book I got last night at the Michigan Ave. Border's going-out-of-business sale. It's one of the trashy, chick lit page turners that makes you miss a train stop. Good thing I'm just on the couch interrupted only by email that I shouldn't be checking since I'm trying to be on break, and the black hole of Facebook.

The next pipeline issue or two will include a new real estate columnist, maybe the first cool landlord spotlight, Best of 2010 in Pictures, lots of January events, a few new places, one of which I profiled around this time last year and is already under new ownership, and more. Always more. Bleh. That's my problem. 2011 goal: Less is More.

Friends say to me, "You can't give up the pipeline!" And while it could be perceived as "failing," I would look at it more like "changing directions." I love to write. I can't stop writing. Taking picture is fun! But in my free time I will have to figure out what I want to do that is most enjoyable. There are days when the pipeline feels more like a burden than something fun, i.e. when I could be sitting on a couch watching Sunday night TV with a friend, but instead I am alone and working on the pipeline. Or when I am on the street and I just want to say no to 'stranger danger' but I see a cute girl and her dog and feel the need to photograph and interview her, and then sign her up for the email. Six months later the girl writes to me and says she is so glad she got signed up for the pipeline b/c now she knows so much about the neighborhood. So, that kind of stuff makes it worthwhile on days when I feel like I should give up.

The pipeline, which began in April of 2009, is now bigger than just my whiny, self absorbed self. There's Phlash, who takes amazing pictures and has an interesting spin on life, Pat, a great copy editor and theater critic, and Dika, who does a good job with CAPS meetings and crime. These three said peeps are an amazing help, and I could not do the pipeline without their contributions. In 2011 I will have to do a better job of delegating and working as a "team leader," even though I am more of an autonomous soul.

So, enough bitching, wearing my fear of the future on my sleeve.


Ignore what was listed in the latest pipeline. Bucktown Fitness Club is offering a $400 Yearly Special, through Dec. 31, aka tomorrow! That's $75 off! I've written many blurbs on BFC, a Pipeline advertiser, and won't reinvent the wheel. BFC has no contracts, or initiation fees, and the club's owner will give you plenty of free workout advice to help you get in better shape. BFC has been in the neighborhood 20 years!

Goorins Bros., 1533 N. Milw., is offering 50% off select styles through Jan. 15.

And, cut and pasted from Clever Alice email, "It's time for a new look for the new year. Clever Alice is offering our clients 20% off any item in the store starting today through Sunday. We have new arrivals from Prairie Underground, Mike Gonzalez, Sandra Baquero, and LinQ. Find last minute New Year's Eve dresses, work attire, and casual everyday wear, all of which is on sale! Mention this email (or Streets of Wicker blog where I lovingly cut n' paste other people's emails) for the discount to be applied to purchase.

Holiday Hours
Wednesday: 11-7
Thursday: 11-7
Friday: 10-5
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 12-5

Pictured here are photos lifted from the Clever Alice email, and the GB flier.


  1. The Borders on Michigan Ave is CLOSING?! Has it been decided what's going up in its place?

  2. Yep, it's closing in just a few days :(
    I am not sure what is going into its place. If it were a Borders in Wicker Park, I'd of course ask!