Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sound OFF: Stop Being (A)Pathetic

(Note: This Sound OFF, by Philin Phlash, originally appeared in the Dec. 21 Pipeline. Many thanks The Wormhole coffee shop for sponsoring Sound OFF, as well as ALL current and former Pipeline advertising sponsors who make the work and many hours of time invested into each issue possible. It may not take a community to write an e-newsletter, but it does take a community of readers and small businesses to support its existence. We thank all of you!!! Note: All pics by Phlash except for the Daley Trib cover. The yellow bucket trash program was started by Phlash in his West side neighborhood. The neighbors there know Phlash not as a photographer, but "the yellow bucket guy.")

Sound OFF: Stop Being (a)Pathetic

By Philin Phlash

Dear Alisa, my editor-in-chief, (and all the other apathetic naysayers who tell me you are tired of my RAHM button and hearing about the upcoming election),

To the people who ask, "Why do you care so much? Who cares who the next mayor is?", I just want to inform you that this a very important time in Chicago's history. We are stepping from the Daley era into a new era. I don't want to see the accomplishments of Mayor Daley, who was a force to be reckoned with, who made our city beautiful, world class, and made me proud to be a Chicagoan, go down the tubes.

The new man who steps into Daley's shoes must be a strong leader. He must have a plan. He must show us how much he cares about this city, because his face and name are the face and name that will identify Chicago to the world. We are a worldly city and we need someone who thinks in a worldly way.

You must care. This is your world too. If you don't care, why do you live here? I want everybody, including you, Alisa, to look at all the candidates and see what they're about. This is an important election on Feb. 22. If you snooze, you lose. Get involved. Wake up. Stop being apathetic. Care about your city and your fellow man. Do you know the difference between apathetic and pathetic? It's just one letter. Stop being (a)pathetic. Take time to care.

That's all I got to say.

-Philin Phlash

(For a video version of Phlash's sound off, click here.)

(For pictures from Rahm's mayoral announcement, click here.)

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