Monday, December 6, 2010

Chicago’s Only Diaper Bank Strives for 100,000 Diapers in December

Diapers are the most requested item at shelters. Food stamps and WiC do not cover diapers either. Read more on 'Why Diapers?" here.

Bundle of Joy Diaper Bank Provides Low-Income Families with the Most Essential and Basic: Diapers

Chicago, IL (December, 2010) - Imagine not being able to provide your baby with clean diapers. Having no choice but to use the same diaper all day, spilling any solid contents into the toilet and putting it back on your baby. There are thousands of parents faced with this dilemma everyday in Chicago because diapers are an expensive luxury that they cannot afford. Luckily, a couple from Lincoln Park has decided to tackle this problem head on by founding Bundle of Joy. Following a model that has been successful in other cities across the nation, Bundle of Joy is a diaper bank that collects disposable diapers from various businesses, civic organizations, schools, church groups, and mom’s groups and distributes them to families in need through local food pantries and childcare centers. Beginning December 1, Bundle of Joy is taking on its greatest challenge to date with the 100,000 Diapers Campaign.

In the month of December, Bundle of Joy will be coordinating a campaign with the ambitious goal of collecting and distributing 100,000 diapers to families in need in Chicago. Donations will be accepted online and at many locations throughout the city. 100% of the proceeds raised will go toward the purchase of diapers, providing low-income children with the diapers they need for their health and well-being. For more information about Bundle of Joy, to locate a drop box near you, or to donate please visit

About Bundle of Joy:

Founded in 2010, Bundle of Joy relies 100% on the support and devotion of its volunteers. Programs such as Link (food stamps) or WIC cannot be used to purchase diapers and when you don’t have laundry in your home cloth diapers are not an option. Most subsidized childcare centers require parents to provide diapers for their children. In fact, diapers are among the most requested items at food pantries but also the most rarely donated. Bundle of Joy is filling the void in Chicago by collecting diaper donations and distributing them to these families through food pantries and childcare centers.

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