Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neighborhood NYE 2011 Scene for Da Scenesters

Last night, while at Walgreen's, I saw a box of Wheat Thins, and thought that if I had a NYE party, I would call it "There Will Be Wheat Thins!"

But I'm not having a party. That would require having more than three friends here in Chicago and mopping my floor, which I might do anyway, just for the fun of it, because it will be easier than shopping for clothes for my new job, which I really need to do, or working on the next pipeline, or any number of things I could do during what I've always perceived to be the best week ever, when everything kind of shuts down between Christmas and NYE.

Those who have to go to jobs during this week pretend to be working hard at them, and those who have time off just enjoy the peace and quiet as I've been doing. It's been a fun and busy year, though I'm glad it's coming to a close. Next year should and will be better. On that note...

... 13 is usually an unlucky number, but here's 13 Things You Could do In the Neighborhood for NYE. For links, visit The Week Ahead in the latest pipeline. Additionally, the New Insiders Guide to the Neighborhood is also doing a good job of listing a lot of events and such, so check that out too.


Fri. Dec. 31, Anytime After 5PM
$65: Prix Fix Four Course Meal
1616 N. Damen (Feast Restaurant)

Fri. Dec. 31, 6 PM, 9:30PM Seatings
Celebration & Farewell:
2039 W. North (Spring Restaurant)

Fri. Dec. 31, 7 to 10PM
No Cover!: Free NYE Buffet
1547 N. Milw. (Pint)

Fri Dec. 31, 8PM-1AM
$50: BYOB, with Heavy Appetizers, Champagne Toast
2325 W. North (Naveen's Cuisine)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8PM -1AM
$85: Sangria, Beer, Cocktails, etc.
1560 N. Milw. (People Lounge)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8PM-2AM
$85: Open Bar, Party Favors, Balloon Drop
1942 W. Division (Division Ale House)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8PM-2AM
$100: Open Bar, Buffet, DJs Free Valet, Etc.
1824 W. Division (Moonshine)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8PM-2AM
$75: Djs, Dancing, Buffet
1904 W. North (Lokal)

Fri. Dec. 31. 8PM-2AM
$65: Pizza Buffet, Appetizers, Champagne
1925 W. Cortland (Lottie's Pub)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8PM-4AM
$20-$100: Dead Man's Hand Burlesque Show
1565 N. Milw. (Flat Iron Bar)

Fri. Dec. 31, 8:30PM-1:30AM
$145: All You Can Eat/Drink/Dance
1531 N. Damen (Big Star)

Fri. Dec. 31, 9PM-Midnight
$20 Cover: New Years Eve Bash
1927 W. North (Piece Pizzeria)

Fri. Dec. 31, 9:30PM-1:30AM
$60: DJs, Party Favors, Champagne
1560 N. Milw (Rodan Lounge)


  1. (I posted a comment last night and I have no idea where it went.) I like Naveen's and Moonshine. We'd go to one of those if I were there. I didn't really care about NYE while living in Chicago because it was one of those things I took for granted. Now, I wish I were there to celebrate it with my friends. I'm never satisfied. Have fun, Alisa!

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