Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Images from Atomic Sketch 9/30

On the eve of Chicago Artists Month, we popped by Atomic Sketch.

While art is often accessible in our society, even if you have to pay a few bucks to see it hang in a museum, it hasn't always been associated with the concept of affordability.

For as little as picking up an artist's bar tab or bumming them a smoke, you can be a benefactor to an artist who began and completed a sketch within a predetermined time frame, upon the completion of which it is surveyed by others and given a price tag, beginning in the single digits and not to exceed a $50 cap.

At rates like this, and because the process kept an artist fixated to the cause of creating art, while working in the company of other artists, I'm not sure Atomic Skech can be beat or that any of us can afford to miss it.

Curious? Atomic Sketch is usually held on the last Thursday of the month at evilOlive, 1551 W. Division from 7 to 10PM.


  1. VERY awesome!! :D
    Thats my artwork hanging on all the walls! Atomic Sketch is one of the best things in Chicago in my opinion! I've rarely missed one since discovering it, and i wish more places had something like this every month!

  2. Great times at Atomic Sketch. C'est moi in the second photo. Looking forward to the next session!

  3. Thanks, guys, you are part of something really cool indeed! It's a great event, and glad I finally popped by it. Kelly D. Pelka, aka paranoid girl, told me about it ages ago and I had been wanting to check it out. John, in the top photo featuring your work, in the far corner, that stately sketch of the woman is now on my fridge! Art for $7? Yes!