Friday, August 6, 2010

David Leonardis Gallery Going out of Business (Again)

The last few times I popped by DLG, I thought it was the last time. Now it seems as if this might be the final going out of business sale. See info from DLG, below:

Dear Art Lovers and My Friends.

Please help me!

It has been a good run but indeed after over 18 years in the art business I am now GOING OUT OF BUSINESS.

The good stuff really is going fast! Americans seem to LOVE a G.O.B. sale!!!!

In the past month I must have sold more than two dozen Chris Peldos, four dozen Howard Finster's, Bruce Lehto's, Chris Makos, Jennifer Lindsay Sullivan, Andy Kane's and more.

This week I will be giving away $4000 worth of Howard Finster prints.*
I will be holding a drawing at 8:30pm.
You must be present to win.

I know last time you were in the gallery, you saw that piece and I
know you loved it but maybe it was not the time or the place.
Prices in some cases are below my cost, I NEED CASH.

Saturday August 7th from 6-10 pm at the DLG and until all of my art is sold, I will be offering my 70% David Leonardis's Private Collection Sale. Nothing is held back.

Because I know you love a good deal I want to also offer your choice of any 4 different Howard Finster prints for $500.
If that's not amazing enough for you I'm going to throw in 2 framed Early 19th Century French Lithographs.
6 pieces of Art for $500.

I've pulled out early Chris Peldo, Howard Finster, Tom Billngs, Chris Makos, Ronnie Cutrone, Andy Kane, Nat Finkelstein, Marc Hauser, Walter Fydryck, Mike Winn, Rita Akao and the list goes on and on.
I have about 1000 pieces of art available for this sale.

If you are out of town you can call me and we can make arrangements over the phone.

Now that's a sale you can't afford to pass up.

I look forward to hearing from you.
I'm around all weekend too!

What are you waiting for?
Pick up the phone and call me right now.

Also, my building is now for sale through
Perrine Knight.
C: 773.571.4199

Give her a call if you want to buy my building!

Thanks for 18 wonderful years. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.


David Leonardis Gallery
1346 N. Paulina St.
Chicago, Il 60622

*If there are not at least 12 people there at the drawing there will be $2000 worth of prints given away.

Some of you thought I was nuts with my ranting about Howard Finster and my museum for him.
Well lot's of people thought Howard was nuts but here there is a Major Museum exhibit of his work and it's right here in Chicago for 2 months.
It really is a nice exhibit and I know all of the donators to the show.
There is a slide presentation and there are a bunch of photos of my Howard Finster Vision House Museum, inc from when Howard was living in it as his home.
This exhibit continues traveling to several different venues after Chicago.

There is a picture of a Howard Finster, Hank Williams piece in The Chicago Reader this week.
The funny thing is one of the 4 prints I'm offering for $500 is a Hank Williams piece as well.

Go and see their little exhibit and then come and see ALL of my Finster art!

Howard was a dear old friend of mine and having the Howard Finster Vision House Museum for him is the least I can do for Howard.
My absolute pleasure to be sure.

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