Sunday, August 8, 2010

'Reader Mailbag,' received Sun. Aug. 8

In regards to your post: "Yet another new smoke shop, creatively called Dude, I Forgot,appears to be opening soon at 1400 N. Milw. Really, dude, another one of these shops?!"

I am an employee at Dude, I Forgot. I just came across your posting of new store openings and thought I'd let you in on what's different about our store. All of our glass is American made and much of it comes from local artists. We have a glassblower on staff who will be doing custom pieces of all shapes and sizes and styles. NONE of our pipes are imported from outside of the country. This boils down to products that function and look better, and have a longer lifespan. It's a matter of principle, quality, style, and a dedication to the local community that we are proud to be a part of. Soon we will be planning and hosting events ranging from live music to interactive art projects and more.

People will realize what sets us apart from the other smoke shops in the neighborhood and all over the city when they see the kind of inventory we stock. We also carry hand-dipped sun-dried incense, locally made candles, jewelry and other non-glass and non-pipe products. We are new but we are growing and we are evolving. We welcome local vendors of all kinds to come in to talk to us about their wares and what we can do together.

So check us out and give us a chance! The proprietors are wonderful and kind people and they deserve to reap the benefits of all their hard work.

Meredith @ Dude, I Forgot

(Editor's note: Meredith is referring to a 'Spaces' column from last month, where we mentioned the opening of Dude, I Forgot, which prompted another reader to write in and ask if we applied such a snarky tone to other newly opened establishments. The short answer is, "No, We don't!" Our goal is to promote (sm)ALL businesses in the area, in a positive, 'if you don't have anything nice or unique to say, don't write it' tone, with an emphasis on the little guys, so we apologize to Meredith and others connected to Dude, I Forgot.

If anyone would like a rundown of various places to 'Buy Local' for tobacco accessories, we can feature a story on that down the road perhaps.)

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