Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Help Friends of Pritzker School Rock' the Vote for a New Science Lab!

Among the many emails we receive from individuals, readers requesting pics from an issue months ago, forcing us to delve into archives we can barely navigate, Public Relations agencies paid to represent their non-profit clients for whom they are hoping to attain lots of free coverage and press in this here 'blogosphere,' business owners and the like, all wondering if we could cover their great story or news or sales or yoga classes or performance and feature them in our weekly "eBlast," this one came from a local parent who I'm pretty sure I met on the street at some point and seemed worthy of taking the time to paraphrase and include somewhere in this week's issue if I am ever able to finish writing it (I say this every week.) A.N. Pritzker School is one of the best in the area and the staff is all awesome as are the parents. Pictured is Pritzker's P.E. Teacher, who we met while covering last day of school festivities in June. The teacher's name is scribbled on a steno pad from a few months back, but if anyone wants to save us the time and I.D this teacher in a comment we'd be most appreciative!

'Moving on, here's what's up with FOP's Facebook Fund-raising:

There is a contest, "What Would Your School do with Half a Million Dollars? " being held by Kohl's dept. store as part of their Kohl's Cares initiative. On Sept. 3rd the contest ends and the 20 schools with the most votes on Facebook win $500,000! Pritzker is in desperate need of a new science lab - the current lab has never been renovated and it was built in the 1950's!

Per the email received, Pritzker needs to be in the 5000+ vote range and as of a few days ago they were just over 800 or so votes.

Help Pritzker School win $500,000 in the Kohl's Cares for Kids contest.
Your ten seconds -- to cast 5 votes, at http://bit.ly/do5XLQ -- will
supercharge science education for thousands of public school children. Not
in five years. Or the next generation. But next year.

It is all about getting the most votes on Facebook. With your help,
Pritzker plans to build a new, state of the art science lab. The current lab
has not been renovated since the school was built in the 1950's. Please go
to Facebook and vote for Pritzker using the link above. You'll have to do a
search for the school. Just type Pritzker or enter our zip code 60622. You
have 5 votes per school so please be generous (read: max out your votes for
us!) The Kohl's Cares contest ends on September 3, 2010, so please cast
your vote now.

Please help us by voting, inviting friends and showing your enthusiasm to
help Pritzker students realize their potential.

Thank you so much for your vote and your support of science education!

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