Monday, August 23, 2010

Images from Angels with Tails in Bucktown

If crowded sidewalks were any indication, a fun time was had by all at PAWS Chicago's Angels with Tails adoption drive, which took place this past Sunday afternoon along North Damen Avenue from 'The Intersection' to Fullerton.

For folks feeling the pinch of a tight economy and unable to have a pet in their lives at the present time, the event was like therapy, as well as a reminder that committed volunteers at no-kill shelters will go the extra mile to try to find new homes for furry residents, so more space can be made to accommodate more homeless pets, who're on the rise these days, prompting a flashback to when I wrote this story for the Homer Township/Lockport Sun newspaper about an animal shelter which had taken in drop-offs during a rough patch in the 80s. For others who are ready to adopt a first pet, or in some cases, like the couple who were sitting on a chair at Cynthia Rowley, and becoming acquainted with a Siamese cat, a soon-to-be third furry member of the family, it was a special day and a time to sign adoption papers.

A few words will accompany a few of these pics in the next Pipeline (Aug 24), as well as some stories and images by Bucktown resident and occasional contributor Lauren Kleiman, who reportedly made it all the way down Damen to visit most of the participating shops! Thanks to all who allowed me to snap a pic or conduct a brief 'street-side' interview.


  1. Did you see the St. Bernard corner? I believe it was Damen and Dickens on the East side of the street. Talk about HUGE. Wow.

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