Monday, September 6, 2010

Celebrate Jens Jensen's 150th Birthday with a Lecture

Wicker Park Garden Club
2010-11 Lecture Series - 1st Lecture
Wicker Park Field House - 1425 N. Damen

Monday, September 13 - 7-8:30 PM
Jens Jensen's 150th Birthday
September 13, 1860


2009 Photo documentation of the Entire Year Long
Life Cycle of Jensen's Humboldt Park Landscape
Reservations Required - $7:

A Year in Humboldt Park is the Naturalist Photo Essay of the Year 2009 by Dina Petrakis in one of Jensen's designed parks. The art show at Humboldt Park Boat House was curated by Candice Martens with collaboration by Gerald Ritchie. Repeating images of iconic Park views and individual photographs reflect the richness and diversity of a life cycle in the Park.

THIS ELECTRONIC SLIDE PRESENTATION allows us to see MORE of the Photographsof the Life Cycle of the Jens Jensen Landscape and its inhabitants. This event is meant to extend our vision of what occured during those 365 days in more detail and how Dina Petrakis choose to document what she viewed while in the park. How did she choose her shots, subjects, time of day to shoot, etc? The electronic media of the projected slide allows us to see many more transitions than does the mounted printed photo exhibit.

THE AUDIENCE will experience the transitions in the Jens Jensen landscape and be able to discuss many landscape design questions:
1. Does the Jensen landscape hold up in all four seasons?
2. What works - what doesn't work in respect to texture, color, transition, etc?
3. How does the landscape change during time and how is it orchestrated?
4. What changes would you make in the Jensen design?

DETAILS ON THE EVENTS AT THE BOAT HOUSE durng this 2 month Celebration called

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