Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Call for Nature's Fury

There's drama in the high skies, storms on the horizon, and funnel clouds touching the ground. Her name is Mother Nature and she's pissed off about some stuff, and taking it out on the plains of the Midwest. David Mayhew is the guy watching the tantrum between land and nature, with a camera in his hand and an eye for composing images striking enough to last until Last Call, which is this weekend. Jackson Junge is where the storms are happening. Be there from Noon-5PM today (Sunday). After that, the storms go down and blank walls reset everything back to calm.

Full disclosure: 1) J2 Gallery is a Pipeline sponsor, and 2) I own a David Mayhew print, of the sun breaking through clouds, purchased in 2006 at an art fair in Evanston, long before The Pipeline existed. I'm just a fan.

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