Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicago Artists Month

There's lots of gallery events happening in conjunction with Chicago Artists Month.

We will try our best to link to what we can, though art is just one of our many focus areas each week, thus we cannot go as in-depth as we would if we had more time. Click on this poster, at right, to enlarge it.

Check the next Pipeline for a round-up of arts events taking place ONLY within Wicker Park and Bucktown. When people from Logan Square send me stuff I delete it. Given I can't even keep up with one neighborhood, or sell enough advertising in which to sustain the newsletter on top of writing and taking pictures and working at other gigs like the one I have to do work for this week, the last thing I need is to go beyond neighborhood borders. Tonight I will be missing Mad Men, but it is the price I must pay for having taken Saturday off.

And I wonder why I have no life.

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