Monday, September 20, 2010

Opening Oct. 1: Wild Card @ Johalla Projects

As usual, apologies on just cutting n' pasting, but suffice to say it's deadline day and we've got somewhere else to be in the a.m and it's not related to the pipeline. All content, below, lifted directly from Johalla Projects.

Come check out our next show. Curators and artists Heather Gabel, known for her extensive work with Alkaline Trio, and MomTried Myles, recently chosen as the PBR artist in Philadephia, team up with Johalla Projects to present the exhibition "Wild Card."

“Wild Card” is group exhibition on the Tarot Card Deck, Oct. 1-31
curated by Anna Cerniglia, Heather Gabel and "MomTried" Myles Smutney
October 1 - 31.

Pictured is a rendition of "Death" by Damara Kaminecki.

After looking through various designs of Tarot decks throughout its long history, we thought it would be interesting to invite a group of contemporary artists to share their interpretations of these mystical cards. Inspired by Carl Rohrig, a German painter renowned for his beautifully crafted deck, imagination is key. Each artist has chosen one of the 21 Major Arcana cards and recreated it based on their skill set and aesthetic.

Featuring new work by :
Bridey Bowen
Alex Chitty
David D’Andrea
Rob Doran
Ryan Duggan
Ron Ewert
Heather Gabel
Myles Smutney Hyde
Damara Kaminecki
Jenny Kendler
Joey Knuckles
Rick Leech
Monique Ligons
Alexis Mackenzie
Kyle James Morrison
Steak Mtn
Rachel Peacock
Bird Reynolds
Christy Roads
J.L. Schnabel
David Snedden

Opening reception: Friday, October 1, 2010, 7-11pm

For more information, please email: or

Heather Gabel-
Myles Smutney Hyde-
Anna Cerniglia -

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