Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Week Past, the Week Ahead and Changes

This past week's issue was a lot of fun, but there are many improvements which need to be made.

The format of the pipeline is way too long.

The focus is way too scatterbrained.

It needs to be more than the 'AH' show, and it has become this by default since I send it from my email, but I want the Pipeline to be about more than just my voice, as well as duplicatible. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, would the pipeline just end?

Unless you know me or I've approached you and added you to the list, it is difficult to know about the pipeline, since it doesn't have any visible marketing or street-side presence.

We are working on a way to make it more clearly focused, and to streamline the design.
Phil accused me of being clique-y!

I am the least cliquish person I know, but he's right. Am I trying to keep this thing under the radar, or get the word out?

Granted, Phil is not well versed in social media, and in addition to the email list we get a reads through Facebook and Twitter and the Windy Citizen, but for people in the neighborhood who don't follow news on any of those said sites, there is no way for them to know that a neighborhood pipeline 80 weeks strong containing weekly and reliable information is available.

So, basically, I guess what I'm saying is that The Pipeline needs a makeover. And I am both scared and excited, but mainly scared. As a creature of routine and perhaps not the best at dealing with change (in fact I will go to great lengths to avoid changes of all kinds) all of this talk of improvement kind of freaks me out. But it needs to happen.

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