Monday, April 25, 2011

Images from Holy Trinity Service Day Friday April 17

Photos by Philin Phlash

The Friday before last, Phlash popped by FOA's Marquard Center, where teens from Holy Trinity High School were painting the center's grounds as well as cleaning the daytime shelter's kitchen.

Following is a P.S. from John Malloy of Holy Trinity, who sent in some facts about the school, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

P.S. In case you are not familiar with us, here is some information about Holy Trinity:

Holy Trinity
was founded by the Brothers of Holy Cross in 1910 to educate the children of Polish immigrants who settled on the near-north side of Chicago. Today, in keeping with the spiritual tradition of the Brothers of Holy Cross and the educational framework of their founder, Blessed Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., we continue to educate youth from across the city, recognizing the unique spirit of all students and challenging them to realize their potential.

Individualized Attention •
Holy Trinity’s student-to-teacher ratio is 12-to-1
• Faculty and staff care deeply about students, empowering them to realize their goals and ambitions

Challenging Academic Curriculum
100% of HT graduates have been accepted into college since 2006
• Students explore a wide variety of subjects, including electives, Honors classes, and the opportunity for internships
Strong Moral Guidance
• A strong moral foundation is developed at our Catholic school, based on values of self-respect, discipline, and social awareness
• Holy Trinity upholds the Holy Cross tradition of giving back to the community
Generous Scholarships and Financial Assistance
• More than 90% of students qualify for scholarships or financial assistance
• Holy Trinity maintains close partnerships with several Chicago scholarship organizations dedicated to helping families to shoulder the financial burden

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