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Holstein Happenings, Fri. April 2 Edition

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Holstein Happenings
April 2, 2011

Be Safe Out There . . .
Police District Commander Linda Flores says rival gang activity around Holstein Park - especially along N. Oakley from Lyndale south to Armitage - is causing teenagers to tag garages in the alleys and otherwise mark their territory.

If you observe gang activity on your block, please call police commander Linda Flores (14th district) at 312-744-1330 or Ald. Scott Waguespack (or his assistant Kerri Stojack) at 773-248-1330. Now is the time to nip this in the bud.

ONLINE REGISTRATION Summer Programs - Mon, April 4 9 AM

If you want to sign up for Holstein Park summer programs - kid's camp, sports, pool activities, etc. - make sure you are at your computer this coming Monday bright and early at 9 AM.

All Holstein program registration will be online this year (no walk-up) and you will have about five minutes before all the slots will fill. It sounds crazy. It is. But here's a tip to parents who can't get into the Holstein summer camp. SIGN UP for the HAAS PARK summer camp.

Haas is only five blocks away and because its field house is under construction, Haas will be running a summer camp for kids (ages 6 -12) that mirrors ours and uses all the same Holstein Park facilities.

You can learn more about the Haas Park program by calling Haas park superintendent Joe Henry at 312-742-7554. Added bonus: Haas does offer WALK-UP registration at the Holstein Park field house starting at 9 AM on Saturday, April 9.

Holstein Park has the best 4-4 amateur basketball league in the city. Come see who wins it all this year. Playoffs start Tuesday, April 12, and the championship game will be Thursday around 6:30 PM in the upstairs gym.
EGG HUNT - Saturday, April 16 10 AM
Come one, come all. But only if you are between the ages of 2 and 9 - or accompanied by a minor. The annual Holstein egg hunt in Senior Citizens park is now so popular the park requires pre-registration at the Friends of Holstein Park website.

There will actually be two egg hunts: The first for 3-9 year-olds will be at 10 AM. Once the first group is gone, the eggs can be re-hidden and there will be a second egg hunt around 10:30 AM. Parents are always welcome to help. You can volunteer when you register online or email Michele Pennington at - or just pitch in when you get there.

It sounds complicate. It's not. It's a free-for-all.
EARTH DAY - Saturday, April 16 Noon
The Bucktown Community Organization (BCO) is looking for volunteers to help clean up a couple neighborhood parks on Earth Day.

People will be out seeding the lawn and re-stocking the sandbox at Erlher Park. The newly formed Friends of Churchill Dog Park will also be power-washing and cleaning the Churchill dog area on Damen. Both activities start around noon. .
FRIENDS OF HOLSTEIN - Tuesday, April 19 6:30 PM Now is the time to give back. Come to the monthly meeting of The Friends of Holstein to discover how you can get involved in the Bucktown Arts Fest, Circus in The Parks and The Bucktown Apple Pie Contest this year. There are plenty of opportunities to help. And volunteering is fun!
And Finally . . .
Check out the new ping pong table in the lobby. Ask at the desk for balls and paddles - and test your skills against some pretty accomplished teenage ping pong pros.

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