Saturday, April 30, 2011

What, what's that you say? You say today is...

There's a free wine tasting today at Red & White. Click to enlarge!

other events: big mulch day/living la vida verde ALL DAY in Wicker Park (for those who are physically able to bend and mulch and sit through lectures. AFTER PARTY at Greenheart Shop on Division! I'm dealing with a herniated disc and writing the booklet editorial as well as finalizing/popping in on last-minute sponsors for the upcoming printed booklet, thus no mulching for me today.)

save-the-date: booklet launch party at Congress Theatre, Thurs. June 30, 7PM. That's two months from today. Booklet needs to be at printer mid-June. We have a lot of work to do, but grateful to over 80 advertisers and counting... thanks to all who sent on your ads already! If anyone is reading this blog, PLEASE get your ads in asap. I was feeling under-the-weather yesterday and took time to stay in bed and write 10 pages of editorial content/interviews with business owners, thus feeling good about editorial progress, but LONG way to go-- hence no pipeline this week. Next one May 10.


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