Monday, April 4, 2011

Taxim to Host Iron Chef Viewing Party, Sunday April 10

(all news, below, from Taxim)

Official Iron Chef Viewing Party: Schneider vs. Cora Sunday, April 10 at 9pm

Come to TAXIM and watch Team Schneider battle Team Cora on IRON CHEF AMERICA, Sunday, April 10 at 9pm!!! (Reservations recommended.) Immediately following the battle, TAXIM will be serving some of the highlights prepared during the show! TAXIM will keep the bar open and party 'til 2am…..

…and for a limited time beginning Monday, April 11, TAXIM will offer the 5-course menu from the battle with Iron Chef Cat Cora as seen on IRON CHEF AMERICA!!! The Iron Chef menu will be offered with optional pairings of premium Greek wines!!!

...and on Sunday, April 24 come to TAXIM's annual Greek Easter Lamb Roast to feast on Chef Schneider's whole spit-roasted lambs in celebration of Greek Easter!!! (Stay tuned for more details soon...)

For more information, visit or call 773-252-1558 for reservations

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