Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tsunami Monoprints for Japanese Relief

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Tsunami Monoprints for Japanese Relief
Opening reception at Color Wheel Studio on Sunday, April 17th from 12 to 4 pm.

Children's arts space Color Wheel Studio (2016 W Concord Place in Bucktown, www.thecolorwheelstudio.com, 773.661.1743) will present a series of monoprints for sale to benefit the Japanese earthquake crisis. 100% of the sales earned will be donated in their entirety to the American Red Cross Japanese Relief effort. All monoprints were created entirely by hand by Miller Jackson, the 4.5 year old son of Color Wheel Studio owner, Donald Jackson.

Over the days and weeks following the Japanese crisis, questions and sympathy arose out of concern not just for his own Japanese teacher but the Japanese people as a whole. Young artist Miller Jackson wanted to give the small amount of money he saved in his piggy bank to the relief efforts. His parents asked if he wanted to do more and his answer was a determined "yes". Ever curious about each medium taught at the studio and practiced by his dad, Miller sat down with a plexiglass palette and some acrylic paint and began to transfer monoprints.

A monoprint is a printing process in which one single image is the outcome of a spontaneously rendered painting on a particular surface referred to as the printing plate. Pressure is applied and the image is then transferred in reverse onto the paper.

Jackson worked over the course of two weeks painting plate after plate of gestured strokes. In the end a series of 11 prints, for the eleventh day of March on which the tsunami occurred, was born. Each of these original prints was scanned and printed on an archival printer in editions of three, three for the month of March.

Color Wheel Studio will host an opening for the artist and his work on Sunday, April 17th during Open Studio hours of 12 to 4. Treats will be on hand as will the artist to discuss his own work. Children are welcome at the Color Wheel Studio with their families during this unique event.

The 11 original monoprints will be available for $50 each while the archival prints will be sold for $20 each. 100% of the sales generated at this event will be donated in their entirety to the American Red Cross Japanese relief effort.

Color Wheel Studio is a real working artist's studio that was created as a response to the general lack of arts education in our public schools. The studio strives to educate children in the fine arts of all media through both practical and aesthetic means.

Located in the heart of Bucktown on a quiet street, Color Wheel Studio hosts open studio times and classes throughout the week. Class schedules and details can be found by visiting www.thecolorwheelstudio.com. A direct link to the Tsunami project will be provided on the studio's home page.

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