Monday, April 11, 2011

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The offer was accepted - now what?

After the buyer and the seller have come to an agreement on the price and the terms of the home sale, it's time to work on meeting all the contingencies.

Inspection - In most sales, the buyer has a few days to bring in any inspector or other Licensed persons to examine the property and identify any health or safety defects. These are items that are not obvious to the buyer or seller. An example might be that the inspector looks at the basement sink drain and finds a leak. The buyer might ask the seller to have the pipe repaired or pay for the buyer to have it done at a later time.

Attorney Review - Both buyer and seller will have their attorneys look at the terms of the purchase agreement and the attorneys will come to agreement on any terms. This review is usually as long as the inspection period (or a few days longer) and the attorneys will confirm any responses to the inspection items.

Mortgage -
Generally the last completed contingency, since the details of confirming the mortgage funding are the most time consuming. The purchase agreement includes a date by which the buyer and their lender must be able to agree that funding is available for this buyer and this property. The agreement also provides some limits for the loan rate and duration. (This is why it’s so important for buyers to be pre-approved!)

Condo Documents -
The Condo Declarations and Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Budget (current and previous year), Minutes and a 22.1 form will all need to be provided to the buyer for their review, and the attorney. Most are required during the attorney review period. They are also needed by the buyer’s lender who will confirm the financial stability of the condo association before authorizing a loan.

Other contingencies could be the sale of a previous home, pet rules, leases, or other items that both buyer and seller agreed to during negotiations and included in the Purchase Agreement.

In Bucktown/Wicker Park this week, there were six closings! Of the six, four were detached single family homes, and two were attached homes. They are as follows.

1850 N Wilmot, 4 bedroom, 3bath, Rowhome, private yard, garage,

1880 N Hoyne, 5bedroom, 3 bath +2 ½ baths, Contemporary renovation, attached garage, $1,624,625

1627 N Wolcott, 4bedroom, 4 ½ bath, 4+ Stories ultra modern new construction , $1,950,000

1804 N Leavitt, 5 bedroom, 4 ½ bath, Modern open conversion of warehouse space, $2,770,000

1524 N Leavitt #1, 4 bedroom, 3bath, 2 garage spots, Duplex Condo, $399,000

1767 N Hoyne #L, 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, updated Townhouse Condo, Attached 2 car Garage, $575,000

*** Information sourced from MREDLLC;4/11/11. Attached Property and Detached Property residential Bucktown (Ashland, Western, Fullerton, North) and WickerPark (Ashland, Western, North, Division)

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About Eva:
Eva Bergant is a Bucktown resident and local Realtor with a community driven style. In addition to being the president of the Bucktown Community Organization (BCO), Eva has served as chair for the annual Bucktown Garden Walk for the past three years. You can reach Eva by email or at 312-543-6819.

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