Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just a quick update... we're working hard on the first ever pipeline printed booklet, and thus are scaling back energies devoted to this blog during the month of May and June.

Please save the date for a booklet launch party on Thurs. June 30th at Congress Theatre.

The content in the booklet as well as in future pipelines will be mined primarily from those who have supported our creative engine.

Let's begin with awesome readers like John of Division Street Gold, who owns a pawn shop and is an early pipeline reader. Division Street Gold was also a member of our Pipeline Angel Club.

John alerted me to a new grassroots gallery, and sent in this note, in italics, below about Robert Soller, who coincidentally used to work with Philin Phlash on the Wicker Park Voice newspaper!

"I just wanted to drop a note to you about Robert Soller' s Gangway Gallery.

A friend of mine has started a little artist gallery of his work, that he puts up on display ,Saturdays ,weather permitting. He is a cool dude that has painted the murals in moonshine,the Russian bath house on division, super lounge, rock a tiki & others.
Anyway i just wanted to give you an invite because this seems to be something that may interest you & and your readers..
Here is his contact info"

When we popped by, after a long day on the streets, Robert had lots of Wicker Park Voice newspaper archives to share in addition to his illustrations, which are inventive and lively and tell quirky stories of robot orgies, dogs literally doing the downward dog, tabby cats taking over cities and leaving destruction in their wake, bathhouses, and more.

Back in the day, Robert even illustrated a map of the neighborhood, featuring advertisers who were part of the map.

The map was so cool (still need to scan it in) that I wondered if we could do something like this again. How neat would it be to have an illustrated map in the pipeline printed booklet?

"It'll cost [this much]," Robert said.

Then I thought about all the people I would need to call, and call back, and send emails to (all during lunch breaks at my day job when i should just be eating lunch or taking a break from that other job i do), and try to get on board to fund such an amazing illustration.

In theory it would be cool. But for now, I'm exhausted, and hanging up the selling hat to focus on the creative side of things. I. can't. sell. or. try. to. sell. anymore. DONE. Thanks to all who committed to the pipeline 100 project. Let the real work--- the work which feeds our soul-- begin.

Printed booklet coming soon!!!!!

Until then, we're just going to keep on keeping on. And be as real as we can. Because we wake up every day and we want to keep on working hard. On the creative side. The only side that matters. Whomever said "do what you love, and the money will follow" clearly didn't take into account that in "New Media" you have to chase the money down too.

No mas.

I don't want anyone's two dollars or ten dollars or 100 dollars.

I want to just write the stories that feel real.

And tattoo a help-wanted sign for a Pipeline publisher to my forehead.

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