Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angelic Pretty on the Streets of Wicker Park

This past Saturday afternoon I left my Day Job where we keep occasional required Saturday hours and was on my way to catch the last bit of a reading at Reckless Records when I met Stephanie, who was wearing a pink and black checked Scarlett O'Hareish hoop skirt on the streets of Wicker Park, near six corners.

I complimented Stephanie on her outfit and then she asked me if I knew of a place called iCream. I pointed to iCream and on the way there she said her friends said that they'd just been to a vintage market, and did I know where it was? I pointed to 1550 N. Milw. next to Lubinski's where there was a sandwich board sign for Vintage Heaven Gallery Market.

Sometimes it's fun to play tour guide.

Then Stephanie said that at iCream all of her friends will be dressed like her, in a style of clothing by a designer called Angelic Pretty.

So I followed Stephanie to iCream where I saw more angelic and pretty young women, enjoying themselves while out on the town. Then I never made it to Reckless in time.

The end.

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