Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Images from Mayors Against Illegal Guns Tour and a few Pre-Coffee Words About It

There's miles to go before 8AM and I have to sneak in a pre-cube shower, plus I'm behind on other sections of the pipeline, because people keep sending me their news and I'm the idiot who'll link to it, so I'll make this quick.

Phlash popped by a press conference yesterday morning for this issue.

There was no time to write a story, so he just gave me the press release, or rather left it on my desk, which is how we do things now, and it seems to work. I like Phlash's post-it notes. Click on any of the release images to enlarge them!

There is no time for me to write a story, but if there were, I'd write something like it's cool to see the almost former longtime mayor in the news again, that he looked more relaxed and introspective than ever, that according to Phlash there were a lot of funny off-the-cuff remarks and jokes made by Daley (maybe Rahm needs to take some lessons from Daley in this regard?), and that guns are an issue which affect everyone. Oh yeah, and stay tuned next week for a possible photo of Phlash and Daley which was shot by the mayor's photographer...

But, back to the non story I'm not writing. Phlash scribbled on the press release that Congressman Quigley "had the red scarf on" (which is good, cause I wouldn't have known that) and "Guns Affect all of us!!" [sic]

The coalition, comprised of mayors of 500 big cities and town, per the press release, states that "Each mayor in the coalition has signed a statement of principles committing to a common goal: protecting the rights of Americans to own guns, while fighting to keep criminals from possessing the guns illegally."

I guess what I'm wondering is what if those two groups of people are the same sometimes?

On page two, Phalsh wrote that Daley said, "I can't understand why Americans/Chicagoans are not outraged. If it was your brother or sister or family member gunned down, you would care. Everyone should care."

And, as a sidenote, Phlash also wrote that "Alisa Hauser should care."

I do care.

That's why I'm up at 5AM. And I was up until midnight. And why I'm doing my Day Job half assed, and the Pipeline half assed. When you do too many things half assed, it's inevitable that stuff will fall through the cracks. But not these images. So I'm posting the best of them.

Thanks to Phlash for going above and beyond the Pipeline call of duty.

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