Saturday, March 5, 2011

A better way to Liberty Lounge than the one I took

There's a much better way to get to Liberty Lounge in Roscoe Village than the way I got there last night, for post work brews and catch up with two coworkers who also started on the same day that I did. I guess we're in Week 9 which makes sense since it's been about two months now that I've been burning the candle at both ends.

So, my lower back is still jacked. I should be doing physical therapy, but instead I'm using every extra minute to devote to the pipeline, which requires even more time in a sedentary position than the 40 hours each week I spend doing something else.

So, at first I cancelled. The clock ticked 5 and we all sprung up from our cubes like jack-in-the-boxes. It's that kind of place.

I hobbled to the door and felt the shooting pain in my left leg. I thought it might be better to just go home and lay down rather than sit on a bar stool. I quickly and abruptly cancelled, hobbled off, and that was that until I started walking to the bus stop in the pouring rain on a Friday night and thought what am I doing, going home to rest my leg by my lonesome. That's it?

Taking shelter under the underpass, I texted my coworker to find out where the bar is.

Then I crossed the street, the wrong way, and I walked toward the bar, which is situated right under the underpass. It turned out I had to cross the street again, back to the side I'd just been on, and rather than walking to the street light I thought it might make sense if I crossed a half block before the light. There was a cement divider right after the underpass, like a cement island, and so I walked toward the island and that is when I noticed the deep puddles of standing water on either side of the island. But cars were coming toward me and I had to run onto the island as fast as I could. And that's when I felt the water on my coat, the waves of it, dirty water baptizing me before my journey to Liberty, first from one lane of traffic, and then from the other lane of traffic as I waited to cross.

And that's how I got to Liberty Lounge. Here's a few pics.
Happy hungover Saturday.

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