Sunday, March 13, 2011

Circus Cats, I love Thee

The Cat Circus of Chicago, or the Amazing Acro-Cats (which are one and the same lest anyone think that there are two cat circuses in Chicago), fresh from a stint in New Orleans, rolled back onto home turf for a day of sold out shows this past Saturday at Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milw.

Jane, of Glenview, was sitting next to me. She'd heard about the cat circus from her daughter, and brought along her grandsons, who I chatted with after the show.

There's no words I could add to the experience that would express as much as images, thus in no particular order here are Tuna, Pudge, Buffy, Wiki, Buggles and Oswald, the token male cat (and a chicken that had a cool name which I forgot to write down in my notebook).

The only thing missing from these pictures are squeals of delight and giggles which were present in full force.

All of the cats were trained here in Chicago by Samantha Martin, who donates a portion of ticket sales to cat rescue. Samantha refused to reveal how many cats she has but added that she is single, "and probably will be for a long time."

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