Monday, March 21, 2011

Natural Blueberry Freeze Pie

Thanks to Ben who suggested I include this pie recipe in my e-newsletter. But I don't think he thinks I'm going to write it like this.

Begin by having a kitchen that almost looks like you could be domestic.
Arrange pots on top of a cabinet.
Be sure to have a spice rack in sight.
Do not forget to hang potholders.
Then, after a certain amount of time as hostess, randomly offer blueberries.
The invitation will be greeted warmly and your guest might be so happy he will leap up to go fetch said blueberries, to save your poor lower back the trouble, and before you can intervene he will open your fridge and freezer and see only blueberries.
This changes the story.
Why do you only have blueberries?
Why do you have so many blueberries?
You should pour them into a pie dish and make blueberry freeze pie.
It's easy.

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