Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kudos to Steve in Customer Service at Constant Contact Call Center

So. I finally called tech support and hopefully cleared up some technical glitches in Constant Contact. A friend who still uses Internet Explorer was faced with lots of white space and images overlaying text. Since IE is also the preferred browser in my day job cube, i too am seeing the ugliness i was creating by messing with my chosen template's structure.

i almost fell to the floor and LOL when Steve suggested a new template. readers might recall it only took me a year and a half to change to a template which allowed for a table of contents. Baby steps. But no new templates. That's like an extra 20 hours of work I do not have. The template we use now was conceived over a long holiday weekend.

In any case, Steve- not to be confused with Steve Robinson, the state of Illinois Constant Contact sales guy- in the tech support center assisted me with fixing today's (or rather early tomorrow a.m.'s) template. Here's a note he added that was in my account when I logged in.

Hi Alisa. I had to remove and reinsert a couple of images. The placement of the cursor is important when inserting an image. When the image is aligned, the text will wrap around the image. If inserted mid-paragraph, the results are not always ideal. A wide image beside text can cause the image to sit on top of the text as you have seen.

If the contents of one column are too wide, it will stretch the template and create a lot of white space. I stacked the images in the My Sponsor block to fix this. Also, as discussed on the phone, I removed the Quick Links block because it was doing the same thing.

The left column, under the artcles, has a lot of white space because there are no blocks there to use it. The blocks in the right column are too wide to fit in the left column so there's not much we can do about it in this template. I suggest you consider trying a different template that will give you more layout options. I think Newsletters / High Tech would work very well for you. Remember, you can change the templates appearance to meet your needs. The structure of the template, however, is not as flexible.

I hope this helps. Have a great weekend!


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