Monday, March 28, 2011

An Argument for Pawning Local

(All content, below, by Anna and Kamelia of the Green Star Movement)

Dear friends,

A wonderful Art Center, called Rumble Arts is on the verge of being shut down due to corporate takeover. Please take a minute to read this, sign the petition, and pass it on to as many people as you can. It's time to make some noise!!!

* Target: Alderman Maldonado and Chicago City Council
* Sponsored by: Friends of Rumble Arts Center

A corporation of pawn shops headquartered in Texas, plans to open a new location in Humboldt Park at 3201 West North Avenue. This specific corporation is a threat to Humboldt Park's well-being because of the debilitating effect on existing businesses just one block west from the chosen location.

The Rumble Arts Center and Aaron's Jewelry & Pawn Shop are family owned and operated businesses, located at 3411-13 West North Avenue. As part of Aaron's continued community outreach, the shop provides significant financial support for Rumble Arts Center.

Together, they have been creating programs and establishing initiatives which support the community. A new pawn shop in Humboldt Park will jeopardize the primary financial support of the Rumble Arts Center. The anticipated losses will require cancelling programming and closing the community center.

Rumble Arts Center is a non-profit organization, established to unite the community through the arts; providing donation-based classes, exhibits and programs. Rumble Arts is partnered with several local organizations, including ASM, C4, Chicago Youth Centers: Centro Nuestro, Community Counseling Services of Chicago, Blocks Together, which together expand their impact of services throughout the city. A new pawn shop will be a devastating blow to the primary funding of this community resource.

Local businesses provide instrumental support to local organizations because they are able to address their community's immediate needs.
We are not requesting money, we only ask for community support to stop corporations from infringing on local businesses. With your support we can keep our neighborhood vibrant with creative programming for all. Please sign our petition and stay tuned for important dates and times.


Thanks in advance for your time, and your support of the arts!!!!

Anna Soltys
Green Star Movement

Kamelia Hristeva
Executive Director
Green Star Movement

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