Monday, May 23, 2011

Oprah Miracle Rally- Photos by Philin Phlash

OK, I know we are technically an e-newsletter covering just Wicker Park and Bucktown, but Phlash is the kind of man who knows no borders and seems to be everywhere.

This past week there was a big Oprah rally downtown, or something related to Oprah, I'm not sure, but I do know that Oprah's departure will be a huge loss to Chicago, especially for jobs when you stop to think about all of the people who either work at Harpo Studios, or do contract work with Harpo, and the tons of restaurants and eateries like Wishbone near Harpo Studios that will lose a lot of business since tourists won't be making mecca journeys to Oprah's studio anymore.

It's a good thing we all survived yesterday's non-Rapture. The real question is, how much of a hit will our local economy take without Oprah helping to propel it up?

She's 'bigger than all get out'- and she's out of here too. :(

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