Monday, May 23, 2011

Inside M&C Restaurant and Lounge

We popped by M C Vietnamese French Restaurant & Lounge, at 1401 N. Ashland, this past weekend, and took advantage of the the $6.95 daily special consisting of a Vietnamese grilled sub, featuring grilled chicken, a house pickle, Jalapeno, salt/pepper... AND, perhaps best of all, a tall domestic beer in a cold and frothy glass.

Though we were about to go, the drizzling rain outside and our lack of an umbrella proved to be the perfect opportunity to stay a bit longer, and continue to converse with bartender and host, Cobus, right, who is new to Chicago after having moved here from North Carolina just a few weeks ago.

Cobus got the gig at M C through his friend, whose mother, Julie Mai, owns the restaurant and cooks all food from scratch in the kitchen, save for the bahn mi bread which, per Cobus, comes from a bakery up north.

To our discerning taste buds (or rather, we just eat a lot of bahn mi due to being a regular at our neighbor, Bon Bon Vietnamese Sandwiches!) the bread tasted very familiar and as tasty as ever.

The best part of the meal was dessert, which we do not typically eat but decided to let loose, given the fact that menu item #39, aka the under-promising-over-delivering deceptively simple "Baked Banana" was just $3.95 and we were kind of in the mood to celebrate a Lazy Sunday Afternoon. What better way to do that then by slurping down a very sweet soup comprised of coconut milk, tapioca pudding, baked bananas, covered with a layer of crushed peanuts?

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