Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wheeling Residents are Rooting for Haley Tonight

Below is an excerpt from an email from my mom, who snapped some photos from Haley's Home Town American Idol rally in Wheeling, IL, this past weekend. My mom's submission, combined with Phlash's Rahm coverage and photos, inspired today's non-issue which wasn't supposed to happen.

There are 3 contestants left:
1. Lauren
2 Scotty
3 Haley

This last weekend, all three went home for their Home Town Visit. That is how I got the pictures. This Wed. night, they will all sing. The pubic will vote, and Thursday, one person will be kicked off the show.

Two will be left.

The following week, the two will sing on Wed.

Then on Thursday they will announce the winner.

-photos and background submitted by Ilene Hauser, who always tells me I need to watch TV more.

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