Tuesday, May 17, 2011

red nails, red nails, and rahm

Rahm was sworn in as mayor yesterday, and yes, Phlash was there. He was at a lot of other places too, and so i was i... the challenge will be how to synthesize it all by tomorrow morning when we send out a 'surprise' pipeline.

one thing i did notice in looking over phlash's photos from rahm's campaign, and from the festivities of this past week, are red nails.

The Rahm supporter's red nails look much better than mine these days. Phlash captured this picture of me taking a picture of him yesterday afternoon. Frankly I was kind of surprised to find Phlash visiting Pipeline HQ, and he was just as surprised to see me here, considering I am usually somewhere else in the afternoons these days. Or was.

Cab rides, along with manicures, are kind of things of the past for me. More on this at the next Grown Folks Stories, this Thursday night at the silver room. If I have the guts, that is. I kind of like to write stories vs. speak them, but it is fun to listen to other people's stories, so maybe i'll just do that.

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