Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inside Yuca Cafe

We are super psyched to welcome Yuca Cafe into the neighborhood, 2257 W. North, at the corner of Oakley and North, where Pannenkoeken used to be (and before that Su-Ra, and before that an upscale pet accessories store) as well as into the pages of the upcoming printed booklet, We're in the Neighborhood.

Yuca joins 92 other businesses who will have basic contact information in the booklet, like hours, address, website, and phone.

This past weekend was my second or third time dining at Yuca. The food was delicious. Here are a few pics, from a few different pop ins. The lovely lady on the back patio is Cassandra, who performs live 1920s jazz on Thursday evenings at Yuca along with her partner, John.

I would write more, but I have a lot to do on the next pipeline, which must somehow get out by tomorrow morning. Is it lame to wish yourself luck? I need it. Along with sleep. But no more whining.

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