Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spaces with Eva Bergant: "Let's Be Careful Out There"

On occasion, there are questions that some buyers ask, like How safe is this neighborhood? Or, Who else lives in this building?, which are never answered by their Realtor, because to do so would be in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

In compliance with the FHA, all Realtors must provide equal professional service without regard to the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin or sexual orientation of any prospective client, customer, or of the residents of any community. A Realtor may not encourage any group into or away from any property.

In Chicago, there is public information available through the Chicago Police Department website. Here is the link to the ClearMap for Bucktown, where it's very easy to go to any area of the city and find valuable information.

As the line goes in Hill Street Blues - "Let’s Be Careful Out There."

Regardless of where you live, crimes happen in every neighborhood, and no one is immune to it, so please be safe!

Moving on, in Bucktown/Wicker Park over the past two weeks, there were 12 closings, ranging from a one bedroom condo on the low-end to a near $1 million 4-bedroom, 3 bath home. Of the mix, four were detached single family homes, and eight were attached homes. Get the rundown HERE (LINK)

1852 W Dickens, 3 bedroom, 1.1 bath house $305,500,

2028 W Charleston, 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath house $715,000,

2123 W Dickens, 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath house $770,000,

1808 N Wood, 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath house $957,500,

2150 W Dickens #2, 1 bedroom, 1.1 bath, Condo, 1 parking spot $255,000

1955 N Leavitt #2B, 1 bedroom, 1.1 bath, Condo, 2 garage spots $262,500

2045 W Concord #303, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Condo, 1 garage spot $298,750

1942 W Armitage #3, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Duplex, Condo, 1 parking $335,000

1942 W Armitage #1, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, Duplex, Condo, 1 parking, $385,000,

2008 W Homer #3C, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Condo, 1 garage spot $400,000

2040 W Lemoyne #A, 3 bedroom, 2.1 bath, Townhouse, Garage, $563,500

2330 W Wabansia #G, 4 bedroom, 4.1 bath, Townhouse, Garage, $882,500

*** Information sourced from MREDLLC; 5/21/11. Attached Property and Detached Property residential Bucktown (Ashland, Western, Fullerton, North) and WickerPark (Ashland, Western, North, Division)

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