Friday, October 8, 2010

Fun Weekend Ahead in Wicker Park!

Last night's FOA Marquard Center Open House was a lot of fun as well as informative and eye opening. In the next Pipeline (Oct 12) I'll include a few pics snapped at the gathering.

... In other news, I need to go to a meeting, but LOTS going on this weekend, and as usual I'll be popping in at half a dozen things and then attempting to write about it all in a day's time. Opening at Jackson Junge tonight is a new show, Tool Box Flower Box. After that, BOOBS and GOOMBAS opens at 11PM at Gorilla Tango. Happening concurrently across town is Collaboraction's 7th Annual Beggars' Banquet at Salvage One. Philin may or may not be there snapping pictures.

... On Saturday there's a big vegetarian/vegan mania festivus over at Pulaski Park fieldhouse.

... On Sunday there's the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest in Holstein Park.

... On Tuesday night the very exciting sounding Hamlettes will celebrate its opening at GTT, and if all goes as planned Pat J. Daily will check out the play, write a quick review, and then we'll email the Pipeline out shortly thereafter.

... And, of course, in-between all of the excitement are the people that you meet on the street, and at the end of the day, that is my favorite part of The Pipeline as well as what one reader called the 'obscure-seen-in-passing' news. The unexpected and unplanned is the part of the creative process which gives me the most joy, as are the stories and new-bits which randomly pop up in conversations with people and aren't necessarily set in stone on a dry erase board. This is probably why the Pipeline's average click through is 30% and well above the 13.1% which is norm for media. This is the stuff that the people in marketing like to know about, and one of these days I'll get my act together in that department too as I try to improve the pipeline's sponsorship funding pipeline. Until then... I'm busy having fun on the front lines... Please spread the word on some of these events and also check out Thrya's Insider Guide as there is stuff she has mentioned like Riot Fest and the bar scene which I do not cover cause I'm too busy or unwilling to be hungover!

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