Monday, October 25, 2010

Save the Date, Yo! Nov. 4th is ART UNDER $500 DAY

In looking at the roster of names on this card, I'm realizing that I know most of these peeps, or at least have photographed them alongside their work at a SmARt Show, Gilda's Club Benefit, First Friday, Beyond the Coyote, on the street, in their gallery, at street festivals, art fests, and more....

On Thurs. Nov. 4th from 5-9PM at REarrange Studio, 2064 N. Damen, there will be a group show and 'Meet the Artist' reception, with all art ranging from $5 to $500.

Now that's perfect in this economy!

Click on poster to enlarge. Featured are some pics of artists in the show. I can't figure out how to do captions on blogspot. Sorry. Oh yeah, and MANY THANKS TO JEFF OF REARRANGE FOR ADVERTISING IN THE PIPELINE. Otherwise, I'd not be posting this blog or art show info at this moment. It's been a hell of a weekend with miles to go. I need a pass this time around. Tomorrow's issue will have lots o' news from Nandika and Phlash

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