Monday, October 4, 2010

Word of the Week: Busker

By Philin Phlash

One day, just like in Erin's song of the same name, walkin' down Division street, like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, Erin Martin's voice floats above the everyday traffic.

I felt like a tilty head dog following my ear to a great treasure. Before I knew it she is asking me, "What is Busking?"

My reply, "Exactly what you're doing, singing on the street."

After further investigation, I find that busking is performing for money from people walking, by not giving but taking from the public. Erin Martin, you were not busking, you were giving, making people smile wherever you stopped to sing a song, it was beautiful and so are you, and your song, One Day, which should be on the radio cause I know it's a hit, and I hope others discover you just like I did 'one day,' and I hope it's Today. Thanks for sharing your talents on the streets of Wicker Park,



  1. This is my daughter busking. Thanks for showcasing her in your article!

    1. I just this and I was so rooting for your daughter I never cotacted her to let her know all of us at pipeline &in Wicker Park were all for her to take it all tell her PHLASH was so proud to have met and helped her Thank You Mom check it out & tell your beautiful daughter I am a big Fan PHL

  2. I found this on my phone but did not have this phone at that time...