Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phil Shoots Riot Fest, Aly Complains About Her Life

Apologies on lumping all of these excellent images shot by Philin Phlash together... I will be I'Ding the bands in the actual pipeline (click here for Oct 12 issue, and to read Philin's unique take on the all-grown-up-now Bosstones). As usual, we are just hosting some of the extra images here to prevent scroll fatigue.

We are happy to have Phlash aboard and looking at it as a learning process for both of us. Learning, like everything else, takes time, and I am in short supply of it. But we're working on it. This week I attempted to do some delegation in other areas of the pipeline. I handed off a torta to a random guy who would be willing to eat both steak and ham together, and told him to review it. I wondered if Dika could do some investigative journalism and find out if the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest really is the largest in the Midwest, and go to a CAPS meeting next Thursday. A friend who reached out to reconnect was given a reporter's notebook, a map of the neighborhood, and instructions to document changing spaces. For my part I'm going to put together the 12 profiles of the Fantasy Fitness League contestants, work on adv sponsorships (the only way we can exist), feature images of fashionable women, a Halloween round-up, and get up close with a favorite local business and pick their brains on the eve of an anniversary about the secrets to their success. Oh yeah, and somehow I have to attend a 1-year-old's birthday party too. (And yes, Cat and Mouse, a pipeline adv as well as my favorite store to buy gifts at, has some cute gifts for 1-year-olds too! As my cousin said she looks in on this blog from time to time, I can't say what the gift is, but I'm smiling looking at it.)

As for time and patience, some say the latter is a virtue. I guess I am not very virtuous. But I'm trying. Phlash is worth it.

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