Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is Rahm news?

This past week it was easier to get Philin's images loaded to the computer because we used a cord vs. a disc from Walgreen's.

Philin asked a bunch of people about the pipeline. Yes, it's difficult to find if you're not on the email list. Yes, I know my web site sucks and it currently has last week's issue on it. K., who helps with the web site, sent me instructions and a string of code I cannot decipher, but I keep messing up.

Being just one person behind the scenes outside of occasional contributions from Dika and Pat, I write not just about what I know, but what I like. I don't like drinking much in bars... so, I don't write much about bars. And I'm not surprised most of local bar owners think I'm a joke and delete the pipeline. I like "girlie stuff," aka art, and fashion, and tidbits. When I write hard news, like with the Marvin Envelope zoning fiasco, it's annoying and I only worked on that story because I have a personal connection to one of the key objectors, and I do not think such a large health club is a good idea without having adequate parking.

But that's not news. Apparently Rahm is news, even if Flores would make a better mayor than Rahm. I'm tempted to remove the existence of politics entirely from the pipeline, but it's difficult since it is timely and like everyone else in this city I'm curious as to what will happen with the mayoral election. If there's 150 candidates, there will be 149 losers.

And, as for this blog, Philin says I don't need it either.

I look at blogging like documenting. It says that this moment of time existed, and I'm throwing it up here, even if it's crap. Sometimes I feel like throwing up too. And throwing in the towel. I just wish I knew how to give up with grace rather than torment.

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