Friday, October 1, 2010

Tarot Time at Pump It Up!

"Aly De Luca" ventured out of caffe De Luca and read cards (for parents only) at a Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Fund-raiser last night at Pump It Up! for a local school.

As the children played and bounced around, Aly said nice things about their parent's futures and learned about the school and the lives of the various parents, who all seem to have really cool jobs and are extremely busy.

"The tarot table" was a kid's-free zone, because we were addressing what the cards said about the questions that ended up evolving from the spreads, ah the stories of our lives...

During the readings many of the children wandered over to their parents. One little boy stayed the whole time with his mom, who said, "I think he is the only kid in the world who does not like Pump It Up."

"He does not like jumping around? What does he do?"

"He reads," she said.

Another little boy wandered up to his mom and then refused to smile in the group picture. His lips kept twitching and he almost got near a smile, but it was over by the time my shutter button clicked. Near the end of the gathering as I was putting my camera and cards in my purse he wandered up, entirely by himself, and then smiled at me. It was pretty funny since I had made a big deal about why can't he smile, and then he decided to pop by just to smile and then run quickly away.

Aly did not stay for pizza. She worked at Chuck. E. Cheese's briefly in her youth and can only imagine what the pizza at PIP would taste like, plus it was time to leave. She hopped on the bus and headed over to the Atomic Sketch event at evilOlive, which will be covered in the next pipeline (Oct. 5th)


  1. My new job is right next to Pump it Up!

  2. Cool! That area seems really hard to find parking in! Do you take the bus?

  3. This is a long shot... My wife is looking for the Tarot Card reader from the now closed Cafe de Lucca in Bucktown. She and her friend had such a powerful/memorable reading in October 2009 that they both were looking to reconnect to have another reading.

    1. Hit me up via email...