Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Cars Gone Without a Trace, by Philin Phlash

By Philin Phlash
BUCK HOOD TOWN, What are the chances that two Honda Civic hatchback CXs would vanish from W.Churchill St. at the same time and place on the same nights?

Sounds crazy, but on a recent Tuesday night, Oct 19, between 1 and 5PM, that's what happened.

Ryan Storey and Adam Vanwageningen, pictured, parked their cars in Bucktown late night only to wake up to empty parking spaces. So, you go to your local cop shop to report your stolen car, and they inform you that they have no record of these vehicles, no VIN number. In the computer these cars don't exist, Sorry, Charlie, can't help you. The only way this could happen is if someone on the inside deleted the files. Who could do this? Dept. of Motor Vehicle or Secretary of State office, or a really good car theft ring: flatbed truck two cars strip&ship out of state, man!!! Is that the story for Ryan Storey and Adam, who came from outta town to visit and lost their wheels?

This raises the question, "How Safe are the Streets of Wicker Park and Bucktown?" These cars were stolen a block or two from the viaduct where two girls were beaten with a baseball bat. Car Theft in Chicago is BIG BIZ, who is going to stand up for the regular Joe who can't go anywhere, who do you turn to, the Chicago Police? FBI? CIA? The Governor, the Mayor, WHO? None of these people care; they have much bigger problems, so who do you call? Please let PIPELINE know if your car was stolen, and what was done about it. It's about time for people who get paid to do a good job for the people of this community DO IT. We the People want to know, Who is doing anything, give me a name, who gives a da*n,and what's the scam on stolen Civic's in Lincoln Land?

-By Philin Phlash

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  1. No one with power cares and no one is doing shit about it. Police don't care one bit.
    Mine was stolen a month ago, was found and impounded and the city wanted $160 to get it out of the pound, not to mention it was stripped of a few important parts needed to drive it.
    Its enough to convince me to move out of Chicago. Good luck.