Monday, October 11, 2010

Piedful, a 10-Minute Play About Pie Debuted at Bucktown Apple Pie Contest

Hey Alisa!
So, I actually did get permission to stage my 10 min play, "Piedful" at the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest! Hopefully you'll come out and watch it again! :O) Thanks for the suggestion!


More on this in the next Pipeline, but above is an email message I received a few days ago from Alicia Layton, in blue top (no apron).

Alicia was a fellow student in a playwriting class at Chicago Dramatists. I ended up dropping the class-- too hard to be creative on top of creating the Pipeline! Or at least that was my excuse--- but I did go to the final exam a few months ago to see staged readings of the 10-minute plays written by Alicia and other former classmates like Mindy, who I met while taking writing classes at Second City Training Center.

Since Alicia had written a very funny play entirely about a pie competition, I figured it was worth a shot to suggest that she get in touch with the contest organizers and try and stage it at an actual pie contest. Lo and behold, Piedful was performed at the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest yesterday, on the park field, at a makeshift stage near the port-o-potties and next to the Friends of Pulaski table.

In a twist of irony, I had to duck out after five of Piedful's 10 minutes because I heard over the loud speaker that in the auditorium, a winner was receiving a ribbon. Thus, I missed the ending of a staged pie contest to snap a photo of a real pie contest winner, or rather two winners: it was a husband-and-wife team, Keith and Debbie Gibbons, who beat out 117 OTHER pies and came away with the First Place ribbon, crafted by Soutache, pictured.

'Judging' by the whipped cream on one of the two actresses' faces as she walked past me en route to the washroom to clean up, the ending of Piedful was a bit more dramatic than the official one that occurred inside the auditorium.

Congrats to Alicia on having her 10-minute play staged. I am looking forward to her next play too! If Alica looks familiar to any readers, it is because by day she works at the Starbucks on Division. Visit her there.

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