Monday, January 24, 2011

Fri. Jan. 28: Filter's Thank the Customers Party

Filter Coffee Lounge , 1373 N. Milw., will be celebrating their one year anniversary this Fri., January 28th! Filter would like to thank all of its patrons for visiting and making year one a huge success!! Filter will be hosting a "Thank the customers" party next Friday with all you can drink Beet flavored schnaaps and spam sandwiches! Okay, how about complimentary drinks and pizza? The party begins at 10 pm. Please stop by and tell us your favorite Filter story and the best story gets a prize! One of Filter's best stories from 2010 was as follows, "the bass player for Wilco stopped by for a coffee and while he was there purchasing the coffee, a Wilco song randomly came on Pandora". It was pretty hilarious.

See you there.
PS: "Aly De Luca" will possibly be there with tarot cards, emphasis on possibly. Depends on how tired she is. It's only Monday at 7AM. And I'm just 50% done with tomorrow's pipeline (Jan. 25).

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