Friday, January 21, 2011

A Weekend of ART in Wicker Park

A few weeks ago I was wondering where all the art went. There was a New Year's lull and very few new openings. Then, the emails started to come in, and it appeared as if all the local galleries were planning for a big ART weekend near the end of January.

The Week Ahead in the Jan 18. issue contains LINKS to all of the below happenings. I do not have time to recreate the links here-- save for the one for Jackson Junge which is a Pipeline advertiser and makes The Week Ahead calendar possible-- because I need to walk to work. Yesterday morning I did 60 min. on exercise bike, and today I'll walk the three miles to work. The thing that I miss most about not working on the Pipeline full-time, after of course the "pop ins" with people, is the WALKING. It's so hard to sit in one place and space for an entire day.

PICTURED IS WORK BY BRIAN MORGAN ("This Meter Remains...."), showing at Jackson Junge, RILEY ARGUS, at Eyeporium Gallery (the amazingly cool amoeba like psychedelic piece I can't stop looking at!!), and a poster for the B-Sides at Coalition Gallery along with a collage that one of the Coalition artists, Dimitri Pavlotsky, sent me a few months back. It's called 'Paris Dance" and I am not sure if it will be included in B-Sides, but I love it!

In addition to the events here, there is new art on the wall at Silver Room, by Chadwick Johnson, and an art evening at Bluebird's monthly salon series which was listed in the Reader.

Fri. Jan. 21, 6 to 9 PM
Art Opening:
Chicago A. D. (After Daley)
1389 N. Milw.
(Jackson Junge Gallery)

Fri. Jan. 21, 6:30-9PM
Art Opening: B-Sides
2010 W. Pierce, Suite 101
(Coalition Gallery)

Fri. Jan. 21, 7 to 11PM
Art Opening:
Matt Siber
(Johalla Projects)

Fri. Jan. 21, 7 to 10PM
Art Opening: Jenny Scobel
2124 N. Damen (Firecat Projects)

Sat. Jan. 22, Noon to 5PM
Art Opening: Bruce Riley
1431 N. Milw. (Eyeporium Gallery)

Sun. Jan. 22, 11AM
Property Tax Appeal Workshop
1711 N. California (Moos Elementary School)

Sat. Jan. 22, 1PM
Winter Experiment:
Conversations with Artists
2154 W. Division (moniquemeloche)

And oh yeah, GO BEARS!! It's "Bears and Blue Jeans Day" at work, but I only have one BEARS hoodie and it's dirty. No bears for me. Jeans, YESSSSSSSS!!


  1. Again, you crack me up. Your Bears hoodie was too dirty to wear? If you can ride the stationary bike and walk 3 miles to work, I can at least go for a walk around the block. I'm so ashamed because it's so cold by you. I'm inspired.

  2. How'd your walk go? Just DO IT! :)
    Talk with you soon, chica! Miss you!