Sunday, January 30, 2011

hi from fatima of Apt. 9

(All alluring content, below, by fatima of Apartment Number 9, 1804 N. Damen, which quietly celebrated its ninth anniversary a few months back. I have pictures somewhere and will try to find.)

hi, there.

how are you?

we're only worried because you suffered quite a loss last weekend.

try not to think about it.

or think about it to’s up to you.

either way, we think that retail therapy is a great way to move forward.

that’s what we're trying to focus on these days anyway...moving forward.

yay for the future.

we just got new inhabit and paul smith in this week.

yay for new clothes.

maybe that will help.

you'll never know until you try.

apartment number 9

if you don't give a crap what happened on the field last weekend (or if you're happy about it), don't worry. this retail therapy is amazing and it can still work

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